Skeleton Games

This tune is another Halloween themed piece. It is a relatively easy piece to learn and play, ideal for an early intermediate student.

I think of a bunch skeletons all getting together on a spooky Halloween night. The party is lively and fun. But as the skeleton mothers always said, 'It is all fun and games until someone loses a bone!'. In the middle of the party, they all stop to help look for the missing bone. Then someone shouts, 'I found it!' and the party begins again.

No 'bones' about it, this is a great piece to get the audience clapping and dancing along.

The audio files are free to download from my site. Please consider supporting me and my music by purchasing the sheet music. I've partnered with to help me distribute my sheet music. To purchase, visit the link below. This song is sold in my collection called 4 Super Fun Songs For Halloween.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Skeleton Games