My Philosophy

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose and mission of my music is to enrich the lives of those who listen to or perform it.

MY PART: I will write and publish the music and maintain this website as the publishing platform. Most of the audio content is free to download. I have partnered with to help me distribute the sheet music. By selling my music, I am able to maintain this website, upgrade my software and piano. It also gives me funds to work on special projects. The special project I have in mind for 2017 is to have a professional choir help me record my choir arrangements.

YOUR PART: I need your help to share my music with as many people as will appreciate it. Please share with others you know. You can choose any method that is best for you, but some ideas include:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  • Email (send an email to a friend or family member that you think might enjoy the music)
  • True Word-of-Mouth (make a phone call or have a conversation with someone about the music and webiste)
Please help share the website often.

I create several types of music. Below is a description of each of the types of music you will see on the site.

Fun to Play: This music is for intermediate to advanced piano students. When I was a piano student I had a hard time wanting to play Chopin and Bach all the time. I think of Bach and Chopin as the hearty entree and vegetables that make up the main diet of a musician. However, musicians also need pieces that act as the cake, cookies, or chips. I consider my songs to be in this "cake and cookies" category: they are fun, light-hearted, flashy, and simple (compared to Bach or Chopin). Through these pieces, I hope to help students find pieces they really enjoy learning and playing.

Cover Songs: These are songs that are on the Sheet Music Plus pre-approved list of songs that are legal to arrange and distribute on their site. These include several pop favorites and other modern pop, Broadway, and religious music that have current copyright limitations on them.

Hymn Solos: I am often asked to perform in church meetings. Finding good arrangements of LDS hymns that are fit for both performance and worship is difficult. I hope to offer advanced musicians additional options when considering that piece for their next performance in church.

Vocal Arrangements: I have served as a ward choir director, so I know how difficult it is to continuously find good music to perform. I hope that ward choir directors can use these arrangements to help reduce that burden. I purposely strive to keep the vocal parts simple and easy-to-learn, with rich and interesting harmonies. The beauty and power of the music really shines through when the singers are focused on the theme and message of the tune rather than complicated or strange musical embellishments. I strive to create that simple, yet rich, musical environment with each of the tunes I arrange for choirs.

Instrumentals: These tunes are my creations that do not have any sheet music (either because of my laziness or the complexity of the music). These can also include my experimentations with layering other orchestral sounds.