Kader Tot Trot

This is a really catchy tune. Syncopated rythms and a groovy base line makes this piece a lot of fun to play and listen to.

This tune was inspired by my boy, Kade. He was only about 1 year when I wrote this. He was learning to walk and I wanted to make a tune that was as cool as he was. He has a lot of nick names in our home, one of which is 'Kader Tot'. So I named the piece the Kader Tot Trot because I got a kick out of watching him learn to walk. To all the cool kids out there, this one is for you!

Written in the key of C minor, there are 3 flats. The trickiest part of this piece is getting the rythms right. Hopefully it inspires you to get a little more groove in your daily 'trot' through life!

I have included this piece in a collection called '4 Super Fun Songs With Rhythm'.

The audio files are free to download from my site. Please consider supporting me and my music by purchasing the sheet music. I've partnered with SheetMusicPlus.com to help me distribute my sheet music. To purchase, visit the link below.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Kader Tot Trot