Line Upon Line

This little piece is written in the key of A major. It has a very consistent rhythm throughout the song, giving the performer the challenge of bringing out the melody through style. It is a little more challenging to play than meets the eye and ear, but once it is in the fingers, it is a fun piece to play.

I gave this piece the title of 'Line Upon Line' as a reference to the promise in the scriptures that we are to learn 'line upon line, precept upon precept'. I thought it was a fitting name given that the piece maintains a very consistent rhythm and melody. The difference is that the piece builds and builds upon itself...line upon line. It ends back at the beginning.

May this piece remind us all to better our lives each day...line upon line.

The audio files are free to download from my site. Please consider supporting me and my music by purchasing the sheet music. I've partnered with to help me distribute my sheet music. To purchase, visit the link below. This song is sold in my collection called 4 Super Fun Songs For Fancy Fingers.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Line Upon Line