Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing

This piece has a wonderful message to it. I really enjoy the lyrics to this song. If it were my choice, I would rename the piece to be 'Ever Faithful'. The last section of the song says: 'Ever faithful to the truth may we be found'.

What a great message for all of us. It is the great challenge of life: living faithfully each day to the truth. And, of course, when speaking of 'truth' it can have several meanings; one of which is a direct reference to the Savior, when he stated that he is the 'way, the truth, and the life.'.

I put a slightly different twist on the melody and tune just to differentiate it a litte from the original tune which I associate with as 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody' from my Suzuki days.

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I enjoyed playing the piano part on this piece so much that I turned it into its own piano solo. You can view that piano solo here