Be Thou My Vision / Now Let Us Rejoice

This piece combines 'Be Thou My Vision' with 'Now Let Us Rejoice'. 'Be Thou My Vision' is an old Irish tune, not found in the LDS hymn book. This piece invites the Lord to be our vision, wisdom, father, and ruler. I really like the line that says: 'Thou in me dwelling and I with Thee One'. It speaks of unifying ourselves to God, and as as we do, we will conquer all of 'what ever befalls us'.

I combined it with the LDS hymn, 'Now Let Us Rejoice' because their tunes were similar and seemed to fit together easily. In addition, the last verse of that hymn speaks of the state of perfect unity the Saints will be in when the Savior returns to the earth. I felt like that message of unity mixed well with the the plea of unity in 'Be Thou My Vision'.

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