Beat It

This song was always a favorite of mine to play when I performed at Nordstroms. I had several store associates request this piece frequently. The catchy rhythms and popular tune is a crowd-pleaser whether you're playing at home or for an audience. I arranged the piece to give it a little more texture and depth so it sounds well as a stand-alone piano performance.

Due to copyright issues, I have partnered up with to facilitate all of the royalties on this song. You can listen to it on my website to get a feel for what it sounds like. To view or purchase the sheet music, you'll need to visit the link below. Please note that the pricing is fixed by SheetMusicPlus according to agreements they have made with the copyright holders of the songs. I receive 20% of proceeds, which I use to help support the costs of this website and upgrading my software and hardware to compose the music.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Beat It

For your entertainment, here is a video of me playing this arrangement.