This arrangment was done as a special request from my sister, Jill. It was a new one for me, but I really enjoyed putting it together. There is a lot of energy in the original tune. I tried to capture that same energy with the large left hand in this piece.

Whenever I do an arrangement, I try to make it fit as a piano performance. I take some artistic liberty with the tune so that it sound like it was made for the piano and not just trying to copy the rock band. To accomplish that in this piece, I start the song out an octave high, giving it a light, innocent feel. As the song progresses it gets darker, deeper, and the energy builds.

Due to copyright issues, I have partnered up with to facilitate all of the royalties on this song. You can listen to it on my website to get a feel for what it sounds like. To view or purchase the sheet music, you'll need to visit the link below. Please note that the pricing is fixed by SheetMusicPlus according to agreements they have made with the copyright holders of the songs. I receive 20% of proceeds, which I use to help support the costs of this website and upgrading my software and hardware to compose the music.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Demons

Here is a video of me playing this arrangement.