God Speed The Right

I arranged this tune as a performance piece for the month of July. July has special significance in American history as the month of independence. In addition, as a Church, we celebrate the arrival of the pioneers to the Utah valley in July. The language in this piece beautifully captures the essence of both of these great events. Below are a few of the phrases that I believe are particularly fitting for both events.

  • In a noble cause contending, God speed the right.
  • Ne'er despairing, though defeated, God speed the right.
  • With success on earth rewarded. God speed the right.
The song closes with these final phrases:

  • Patient, firm, and persevering, God speed the right;
  • No event nor danger fearing, God speed the right.
I arranged the tune to sound almost like a lullaby. With a softer, lighter feel of the tune, the words shine through with clarity and assurance. Although not a typical song sung during the month of July, I find the piece very fitting against the historical backdrop of the American Independence Day as well as Pioneer Day.

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