Fight Song

This song is a cover of the tune made popular by Rachel Platten. I arranged it as a true piano solo, giving it a slightly new-age/easy-listening feel. It is a really catchy tune. Fun to play and listen to. Ideal for the intermediate to advanced piano student. I was inspired to do this cover after seeing my 3 year old niece belt this out on her piano. She of course had her own take on it, but it was inspiring.

Due to copyright issues, I have partnered up with to facilitate all of the royalties on this song. You can listen to it on my website to get a feel for what it sounds like. To view or purchase the sheet music, you'll need to visit the link below. Please note that the pricing is fixed by SheetMusicPlus according to agreements they have made with the copyright holders of the songs. I receive 20% of proceeds, which I use to help support the costs of this website and upgrading my software and hardware to compose the music.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Fight Song