Ocean Voyage: An Epic Adventure on the High Seas

Ocean Voyage is my first creation in a category I'm calling 'Epics'. The idea is that I created the song as a soundtrack to an epic story. I'm a musician, not an author, so you'll have to fill in most of the scenes yourself, but I'll provide the outline below.

The story takes place on the ocean, and the opening theme represents the embarking out into the open ocean by the main characters. It has the feel like the ship is traveling up and down over waves and drifting out far from the safety of land.

The second theme represents the storms and battles that are faced while out on the high seas. Trouble, turbulence, and attacks from pirates or other foes come to our main characters. With true grit and heroic efforts, they are triumphant over all their adversaries. This section is my favorite section to play because of its energy and catchy syncopation in 9/8 time.

The last theme represents the arrival of our heroes at last to their desired destination. The theme builds up slowly. Our characters are worn from battles and the long journey on the unforgiving sea. They are at the point where they are beginning to doubt if their efforts will pay off...when someone spots land! As their destination gets bigger and closer in view, the energy of the theme builds, and our characters' hearts are filled with joy and tremendous relief as they realize that they have successfully arrived!

The audio files are free to download from my site. Please consider supporting me and my music by purchasing the sheet music. I've partnered with SheetMusicPlus.com to help me distribute my sheet music. To purchase, visit the link below.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Ocean Voyage: An Epic Adventure on the High Seas