Beyond Stranger Things Main Theme

This came to me as a recommendation from my niece. I watched the shows on Netflix and thought they were kind of weird. The music was even weirder than the show! Turning the 80's synthesized theme song into a pinao solo was a unique challenge. I admit that I've added a few of my own melodic lines to the tune, just so that it has some arc and can be played as a piano solo. Turns out that after making the piano solo (which required me to listen to the original soundtrack many times) the music has grown on me. I actually kind of like it now. It was a fun one to arrange.

Due to copyright issues, I have partnered up with to facilitate all of the royalties on this song. You can listen to it on my website to get a feel for what it sounds like. To view or purchase the sheet music, you'll need to visit the link below. Please note that the pricing is fixed by SheetMusicPlus according to agreements they have made with the copyright holders of the songs. I receive 10-20% of proceeds, which I use to help support the costs of this website and upgrading my software and hardware to compose the music.

Here is the link to purchase the sheet music: Beyond Stranger Things Main Theme